Added: 2 October 2001
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World Trade Center Flash Animation

Sorry, this one's Flash only. It's an anti-war thing we made in the aftermath of September 11. The point can be summarized by the Howard Zinn quote: "There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people." We do try to avoid Flash-only content as much as possible!

Lo sentimos, Flash de éste solamente. Es una cosa pacifista que hicimos en las consecuencias del 11 de septiembre. El punto se puede resumir en la cita de Howard Zinn: "No hay bandera bastante grande cubrir la vergüenza de matar a gente inocente." Nosotros tratamos de evitar de sólo el contenido de Flash tanto como sea posible!


26 July 2020 19:58:49 Katherine

Hi Abby & John, I saw your wonderful WTC video just a few days after 9/11. The music is haunting when combined with the photos. Since it doesn't play as "flash," is there another way to view it? I would like to send to friends and family. Thanks, Katherine

21 February 2007 16:37:12

wops, soz for tiple post

21 February 2007 16:36:38

What is that song?

21 February 2007 16:36:33

What is that song?

21 February 2007 16:36:27

What is that song?

1 July 2006 09:56:48 John S

Well, I hadn't thought so, but it's interesting that it seemed that way to you! We thought of that music as more ethereal and beautiful and sort of meditation-provoking rather than upbeat. But you know, that's always going to be one of those subjective judgements and it's going to produce different effects in different people no matter what you choose I suppose.

1 July 2006 01:25:51

dont you think the song is a bit upbeat for this?
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