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Features by Type: Audio

  • Best Salesman in the World!: You don't buy this because it's cheap, you buy it because it's good!
  • Falling Short: The second in the Bonkworld series of performance billiard poetry sees John go down in five pathos-laden games to his arch rival.
  • Girl Magic: It's the dreamy and bewitching Jeannie and Samantha dance craze that is sweeping the nation!
  • Hot Dog City: Groove to the sounds of the hot dog smell
  • Howon Howay: Jonathan Baker digs deep into Grandad's songbook and pulls out this instant classic, brought to you by the magic of international phone lines and assorted recording devices.
  • Insult People in Cantonese: Learn to speak like an evil kung fu master!
  • Lie 2 Me: Lie to me baby, more more more, lie to me baby, war, war
  • Paranoia: I smell trouble.
  • Project Skive: A dangerous new study of creative time-wasting and the English Worker
  • Snoring and Laughing: Boys with a tape recorder and a snoring friend
  • Tentacle Head: DJ Johnny Zero strikes again with a song of dread from the deep
  • The Comeback: The first installment of the Bonkworld performance billiard poetry series.
  • Total Freak Show: Get moving to the freaky grooving
  • Truth in Advertising: They couldn't say it if it wasn't true.
  • What: All I could say was...what?
  • Woodstock: It's Woodstock, Jim -- but not as we know it.
  • Yamabushi: Q: Is the mountain ascetic really invulnerable to fire? A: No.