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Added: 5 June 2013

Everybody Go

Taksim Square

Heads up game on it's a bomb that I'm dropping on
Caps gonna keep popping til you copping on
Get your politics on
Seriously lyrical (Where'd everybody go?)


Everybody go hey, ho, whoa (x3)
Everybody go hey, where'd everybody go?

Calling all liberals for an insurgency
we've got a Republican incumbency, this is an emergency
We detested the president, we protested, unhesitant
Hey hey ho ho evil-ass mofo definitely gotta go
And then we rested


Whoops time's up he's done he's on the run
Next guy comes in and you thought we won
The common enemy left entropy in a way we don't normally get to see
When we pretend to be something like a friend to me,
so go zen and tell me that it's meant to be but hope and change
got a little bit strange.

Escalating Afghanistan I was like hey man what's next? Iran?
Open. Transparent. Sure. Like Big Brother's parent.
They take anybody blow a whistle and they throw him in jail
Protections fail on exceptions
Did I mention indefinite detention?


And now we gotta fight for the Bill of Rights over again?
Since when?! Shit! We're cursed! We always sing the same verse,
the one that says the other guys are even worse.
And that's all we can do with our choice of two and we're in
so hoo hah and whoop de fuckin' do

I mean come out of your shell, take a look, have a smell,
now he's droning our own and we're like "oh well, we're going to hell"
Who ya gotta blow to get impeached around here?
"We had no choice but to destroy the freedoms hated by those bad bad boys
in order to save them."

Remember that bullshit from Vietnam? Damn, play it again Sam.
I can see a lot of losers but who keeps winning every goddamn hand?
(I'll give you a clue: it ain't me and it ain't you.)
Less what they say and more what they do