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Abby Schoneboom

January 4th: Horse Blanket Stolen
Officer Single arrested a woman named Abby Schoneboom yesterday on a charge of petty larceny. She is accused of stealing a horse blanket, the property of the J. G. Cohn Company, from Nelson's stable, and some potatoes, the property of some unknown person. Schoneboom, who is already known to the police as a flim-flam operator, seems to have fallen on hard times. She will answer for her crime before Judge Raish and will likely receive 90 days in the County Jail.

June 6th: Petty Larcenist Arrested Again
Abigail Schoneboom, a hobo recently released from the County Jail, stole a pair of trousers from Brown's store this morning and sold them at Abraham's for 75 cents. She spent the money for booze and was arrested by Officer Sayles but was later released on account of Judge Raish's opinion that she only stole the trousers in order to earn herself another 90 days of prison meals.

June 20th: Schoneboom Steals Whiskey--Caught With Goods
Notorious larcenist Abigail Schoneboom, recently spared by the leniency of Judge Raish, cannot seem to stay out of trouble. She wandered into the Palm saloon last night in a festive mood and hooked a bottle of Tippecanoe whiskey while the barkeep's back was turned. The barkeep turned around just in time to see Schoneboom beating it for the door, but although he gave chase, she made a getaway. Schoneboom, who is pockmarked and easily identifiable, was later found by Officer Aldrich in the darkest corner of the Gilt Edge saloon, lubricating her spark plug. She has been charged with drunkenness and theft, and will appear in court on Thursday.

June 23rd: Blanket Thief Poisoned
Abigail Schoneboom, the infamous whiskey and horse blanket thief, failed to appear in court today on account of belly sickness. Sheriff Voss received word from Sherriff Chubbuck of Oroville that Schoneboom had a day or so ago eaten some canned meat that stood for a day or two, and is sick with ptomaine poisoning. The hearing has been delayed until this time next month.

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